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We know many teams across the world have put time, money, and passion into building an Everybot. The Everybot team wants to spread the love by recognizing everyone who is a part of our journey. 

What does the Everybot Club include?

If you submit a picture of your Everybot and supply us with a U.S. mailing address, we will send you a gold plaque that you can put on your robot or put on display. We will also be creating a gallery on our website full of submitted Everybot pictures. Along with the plaque and gallery, we will do our best to celebrate the achievements of the Everybot teams' on our social media platforms. 

Greetings FRC-ers,

Happy building,

the everybot team


The plaque is 0.040” aluminum 1” tall by 4” wide with two #8 bolt holes/ 5/32” rivet holes spaced 3.5” apart along the centerline, and is anodized gold, just like most of the Robonauts’ 2020 robot.

How Do I Join The

Everybot Club?

By participating, you agree to allow us to celebrate your successes and pictures on various social media platforms.

Send us a submission including the following:

1. A picture of your robot, preferably with bumpers. 

It does not have to be your competition robot - some teams built one in addition to the robot they designed and competed with

2. Enter a mailing address

We can only ship to U.S. addresses at this time. If you are from another country, you can still submit for us to include you in our gallery. We are actively looking for alternative shipping methods 

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